Reports on the development of the bookmaking industry clearly show the growing interest in online betting. In England, an additional factor influencing the increase in the importance of online bookmakers is the amendment to the bookmaking act, which should be associated with the appearance of new entities providing services in the field of mutual betting on the English market. Strong competition forces companies to expand their offer to attract new customers, hence most operators licensed by the Ministry of Finance tempt new players with a start deposit bonus. The free welcome bonus is the most popular promotion and often the first one encountered by a player looking for information about a bookmaker. In the article below, we will present all the online bookmaker bonuses that are available on the market and compare the offer prepared with English players in mind.


There are a number of promotions waiting for new users of bookmakers' websites, so if you have not yet created an account, you can choose from among offers. A deposit bonus with bookmakers is an absolute must. We can find it on every reputable website, but not all users know how to choose the best deposit bonus and it happens that some bookmakers quite efficiently use it. If you are determined to play and collect the bonus, you should read the terms and conditions of the promotion. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the conditions for obtaining the bonus. First, check the requirements for the minimum rate to guarantee the bonus and the number of spins with the coupon. For your convenience, in the table at the beginning of the article, we have included the currently required odds for wagering the bonus. If you have a small amount to start, consider potentially lower offers. Bookmakers' welcome offers don't stop at no-deposit bonuses, though. Most still have free bets, risk-free bets, and second and third deposit bonuses.

You cannot forget about the bonus codes as well. We write about them in detail in the article Bookmaker bonuses 2021. Virtually every legal bookmaker will give you a higher start bonus after registering through our website.


Most bookmakers offer a traditional deposit bonus. Usually the maximum amount of the bonus varies. And yes, you will receive up to EUR 2,150 from the deposit at the bookmaker Fortuna. Up to 3000 Euro is waiting for you at LVBET. In STS you will receive up to EUR 1,200, in forBET up to EUR 2,200, in eWinner up to EUR 500, in NobleBet a bonus up to EUR 2,000, in Superbet up to EUR 50, in Totolotek up to EUR 500, and in Etoto 100% up to EUR 1,500, in Betfan up to 1000 Euro. In turn, at TOTALbet we can get the highest deposit bonus - 5000 Euro.

However, it is worth noting that some bookmakers not only offer a bonus on the first deposit, but also on the second or third deposit. At LV BET, for your second deposit over € 50 you will receive a 50% bonus up to € 1000 (1% bonus x x50 total odds). At eWinner, this is a 50% up to € 500 second deposit bonus, and at Noblebet it is 100% up to € 1,200 on the first deposit, 50% up to € 600 on the second deposit, and 100% up to € 200 on the third deposit.

Of course, as important as not more important is the bonus wagering requirement and the odds. For example, in Totolotek you have to wager the sum of the bonus and the deposit 3 times on coupons with 3 events and the unit rate. 1.35, and in Etoto 6 times at the rate of 2.20. In turn, in STS it is enough to wager the bonus itself 3 times at the rate of 1.91, in LV BET 4 times at the rate of 2.0, and in TOTALbet up to 4 or 5 times on coupons with 3 or 4 events at the rate of single. 1.25. In Fortuna you have to turn the deposit - 4 times at the exchange rate of 1.60 on coupons with min. 3 incidents.

If we were to choose the best first deposit bonus it would be the bookmaker STS and Fortuna.

Finally, we have selected the best start bonuses in our opinion, broken down by the amount you want to spend on the first deposit. By depositing a larger amount, it is most profitable to choose the bookmaker's offer with the highest bonus, where you will receive 100% up to 1000 Euro (or even more). If you want to deposit up to 100 Euros an interesting bonus is offered by forBET (you will receive 100% on the deposit and our extra 100 Euros bonus).

  • Requirements For The Plant: 30X Bonus (Restrictions Apply) Unsupported Payment Methods: Skrill, Neteller
    6.5/10 Doubtful Reputation
    100% To 200 £ Minimum Deposit 20 Gbp, Maximum Withdrawal Amount: £ 500 Get A Bonus
  • The Maximum Payout Funds: Eur 10 To Receive This Bonus, You Need A Time Bonus Validity Period: 14 Days
    4.5/10 Doubtful Reputation
    Bonus No Deposit Eur 88 Wager Requirement: X50 (Restrictions Apply) Get A Bonus
  • Wager Requirement: 40X Bonus (Restrictions Apply) Maximum Bet: Eur 5
    8.5/10 Good Reputation
    100% To 100 Eur To 180 Free Spins (0.1 Eur / Spin) Minimum Deposit: 20 Eur, The Maximum Withdrawal Amount: Unlimited Get A Bonus
  • Wager Requirement: 30X (Bonus + Deposit) (Restrictions Apply) The Maximum Rate: $ 20
    8.4/10 Good Reputation
    100% To $ 2,000 And Up To 200 Free Spins ($ 0.4 / Spin) Minimum Deposit: $ 80, Maximum Withdrawal Amount: Unlimited, Supported Payment Methods: Skrill, Neteller Get A Bonus
  • Wager Requirement: 50X Bonus (Restrictions Apply) The Maximum Rate: $ 20
    5.5/10 Doubtful Reputation
    100% To $ 500 And Up To 100 Free Spins ($ 0.4 / Spin) Minimum Deposit: $ 100 Maximum Withdrawal Amount: Unlimited Get A Bonus


The free bonus is by far the favorite form of promotion of all players. Free bet no deposit is free funds to play without having to top up your account. We have compiled all the current promotions in the no deposit bonus article. Below we present them briefly, but describing both the amount of the bonus and the wagering requirements.

Freebet offers bookmakers such as Totolotek, STS, Totalbet, Fortuna and LV BET to start.

In the standard Totolotek offer, you will not find a free token without a deposit. With our registration code you can get a 25 Euro bonus. So you can bet free funds in the amount of 25 Euro. Free bet must be wagered 2 times at odds of 2.0. The code redeuro also allows you to receive a risk-free bet of 300 Euro. There is also a 100% bonus up to 500 Euro and 49 Euro for mobile.

At STS you can get a no deposit bonus of 25 Euro. As with the deposit bonus, the free bet has to be wagered 3 times at the odds of 1.91.

TOTALbet has a standard offer of 40 Euro freebet. With our promo code, however, you will receive 20 Euro more without any deposit. All you have to do is register via our link, and when your account is positively verified, you will get 20 Euro free credits for the game. All you have to do is place a single or combo coupon with min. total rate of 2.0 (and 1.25 for one event). The winnings from the bonus are not subject to any spinning.

Another of the bookmakers with free bet no deposit is Fortuna. It gives a starting bonus of 20 Euro for registration awarded in Fortuna Klub Plus points. Just exchange them in the store, and the value of points - 2800, corresponds to 20 Euro. The only condition is that you must place any bet within 10 days of activating your account. The offer is not limited by the exchange rate requirements.

While the LV BET no deposit bonus is not your typical free bet, you will get it without any deposit. The offer is activated by our promotional code and entitles you to receive a bonus of 20 Euro (1 Euro with a x20 multiplier). The use of the bonus is possible only in combo bets consisting of min. 3 events with the total coupon price of 2.50 and the price for one event of 1.25. Then the winnings from the coupon should be rotated 2 times at the odds of 2.0 and the odds for one event of 1.50.


Next to the deposit bonus, the risk free bet is one of the most popular starting promotions for players. Currently, on the market of legal online bookmakers, ten companies offer a risk-free bet, also known as cashback. If you find a good rate and you don't have an account with a bookmaker yet, a risk-free bet is the best option to start with. In a word, the promotion consists in the fact that the first coupon you place will not be validated if it turns out to be wrong, i.e. by placing e.g. 120 Euro, you only risk losing the amount of tax, which in England is 12% - in the case of a coupon with a rate of 120 Euro it will be ok .16 Euro. However, if you correctly bet on the outcome of the selected event, you will receive a full win. The system is not complicated, as you can see, it can bring many benefits. Cashback is available from bookmakers STS, forBET, PZBUK, Totolotek, Betclic, BETFAN and Fortuna, Superbet, LVBET, Noblebet and eWinner.

We do not hide that thanks to the contract we have signed with Fortuna, players who register by clicking on the above banner will receive a VIP offer higher than the standard one. The risk-free bet at this bookmaker is 600 Euro, and you will also receive other bonuses. An equally high cashback can be found in the BETFAN offer. It is also up to 600 Euro. We will also receive attractive cashback at the bookmaker Superbet, LVBET, forBET, Totolotek or PZBUK. In the case of the former it is EUR 500, in the latter - EUR 333, in the third - EUR 300, in the fourth - EUR 200, and in the PZBuk - EUR 500. The risk-free bet at STS is 235 Euro and it is worth mentioning that you will only receive it with our code (not available in the standard offer). In addition to it, you will also receive a free bet without deposit and a deposit bonus.


Legal online bookmakers try to attract new players by increasing the odds for selected events. It is no secret that analysts of bookmaking companies keep track of the competition's prices and, among other things, adjust their offer accordingly. People following the betting market have probably noticed that the exchange rate differences between legitimate bookmakers are usually small, so exchange rate promotions can be a tasty morsel for players. However, you must bear in mind that nothing happens by accident and the higher odds are not due to the particular generosity of bookmakers, but often from pure calculation and knowledge of the market. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the special tabs in which the mutual bets inform about the offer of the day. Usually they are called Day Type, Super Offer, Mega Odds or Fat Coupon.

As for the bookmakers with the highest odds, they include Fortuna, forBET and Totalbet. However, if a bookmaker offers a tax-free game or an additional percentage of winnings, such a promotion will definitely outweigh the difference between the odds.

What bookmaker offers free exchange rate bonuses? Bookmakers have numerous promotions in the case of AKO coupons. The more events on the coupon, the higher the win bonus. Such an offer has, among others, Totolotek (Bonus King Size - 66%), TOTALbet (TotalBonus - up to 51%), PZBUK (Kombodoładowanie - up to 15% more), LV BET (Multikozak- up to 25% more) or Betclic (Multi + up to 50%).

Occasional bookmaker promotions are also offered by Fortuna, forBET or LV BET. For example, during important LM matches, cup competitions or the World Cup in ski jumping, you can count on offers such as "14% to win bets".


The latest research by Gambling Commission has shown that users of bookmaker websites are increasingly using mobile applications. In 2020, there was a 50% increase in people using bookmakers websites via a smartphone or tablet compared to 2019. The first legal bookmaker to respond to this global trend is Totolotek, which increased winnings on tablets and smartphones by 6% and offered 5 Euro free bet for selected events from the offer. How are mobile promotions currently looking? Unfortunately, still quite poor. It is true that most promotions can be used both on the beech home page, as well as on the mobile website and in the application, but rarely does that dedicate promotions only to phones and tablets. The aforementioned Totolotek introduced a promotion on mobile devices. By making your first deposit on a mobile device, you can get 100% up to 49 Euro.


If you do not know how to get a bonus at an online bookmaker, we can assure you that it is not complicated. However, to get access to the highest promotions, please do the following carefully.

First step

Go to the bookmaker's registration page from our special promotional link. Thanks to this, you will get access to the highest bonuses that are not available in the standard offer.

Step two

Complete the registration form. Many bookmakers offer quick registration, after which you can place your bets immediately. However, with most beeches you will not receive our extra bonus then. Full registration will be required for this. However, if you create a temporary account, you can complete the data (including a scan of the ID card and account number) and enjoy a higher welcome bonus.

Step three

Make your first deposit. Its amount will determine the amount of additional funds you will get from the bookmaker. Detailed information is provided in the table at the beginning of the article. (Of course, in the case of no deposit bonuses, you will receive them immediately after activating your account).

Fourth step

Place a coupon according to the guidelines contained in the regulations on the bookmaker's website.


There is a lot of competition in the betting market. Currently, Fortuna, STS, Totolotek, LV BET, forBET, Etoto, TOTALbet, PZBUK, Betclic, eWinner, NobleBet, BETFAN, Superbet and BetX are fighting for the title of the best bookmaker.

In our opinion, Fortuna has the most extensive VIP offer, where we can find the most interesting free bookmaker bonuses. In addition to the high deposit bonus, he has a very attractive risk-free bet of a whopping 215 Euro. As part of the welcome bonus, he also offers a 20 Euro free bet. Importantly, it also has favorable trading conditions.

It is worth highlighting bookmakers who grant free bet no deposit after registration, so apart from Fortuna, also TOTALbet, LVBET, STS or Totolotek. An interesting offer is also offered by forBET, where, after registering with the code, the player can receive up to 2,500 Euro in bonuses.

As we wrote earlier, before setting up an account with a bookmaker, you must answer the question of what amount you plan to spend on the first bets and in this respect you can choose a legal operator. It is also worth taking advantage of the fact that bookmaker websites are competing and set up an account on any legal bookmaker website. We leave the choice to you. However, we can assure you that we will keep you updated on all changes to the promotional offer and promotion regulations on, so that you do not have to jump between betting sites in search of the best promotion. Detailed information can also be found in our article How to choose a bookmaker?

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